How to unlock Huawei E5573Cs -322 / 609 / 931 Mifi

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This is a step-by-step guide on how to unlock Huawei E5573Cs -322 / 609 / 931 MiFis. These types of MiFis do not support unlocking by generating NCK code using IMEI so you’ll need to unscrew the modem down to the board for a bootshot.

This guide doesn’t seem to work on devices running on the latest firmware versions i.e 21.326.xx, 21.327.xx, 21.328.xx and it doesn’t work on the Huawei E5573Cs-933 model

Why would I want to unlock my MiFi?

You might have purchased a branded MiFi which would normally be locked to a single network. This does not mean it can’t support SIMs from other networks. The process of unlocking enables you use the MiFi on other networks’s SIMs so you can switch at will depending on your budget and location.


  • A PC running on windows 7 for best outcome
  • USB cable
  • A thin piece of copper wire to bootshot
  • Download all software requirements @…npXMjBMdmc (Swift-E5775, Balong usb downloader, usbloader-5573cs-322, E5573cs_Update_21.318.03.00.00, E5573cs_Update_21.318.99.03.00, Update_WEBUI_17.
  • Specifically for E5573Cs-931, download USBloader

How to unlock the Huawei E5573Cs – 322 / 609 / 931 Mifi

The steps below explain how to unlock the Huawei E5573Cs -322 / 609 / 931 Mifi

  1. Visit the original interface and take note of details of the MiFi device (e.g SN, IMEI, Network APN / Profile settings etc)

    [Image: How-to-Unlock-MTN-E5573Cs-322-Mifi-1.jpg]

  • Remove the sim and battery from the device
  • Extract the Swift-E5775 iso using 7zip then run Autorun.exe or setup.exe in MobileWIFI folder (it will install the necessary drivers)[Image: How-to-Unlock-MTN-E5573Cs-322-Mifi-2.jpg]
  • Dismantle the device down to the motherboard[Image: How-to-Unlock-MTN-E5573Cs-322-Mifi-3-1.jpg]
  1. Connect the battery but don’t power on the device
  2. Boot shot the device by touching the wire to the two points in the image below[Image: How-to-Unlock-MTN-E5573Cs-322-Mifi-4.jpg]
  3. Without removing the wire used to bootshot from the motherboard, connect the device to the PC via USB. The device should be recognized by the PC (once the PC detects the device, you can remove ONLY the wire used to bootshot).
  4. Launch balong USB downloader[Image: How-to-Unlock-MTN-E5573Cs-322-Mifi-5.jpg]
  5. Click on detect > the device should be detected and labeled[Image: How-to-Unlock-MTN-E5573Cs-322-Mifi-6.jpg]
  6. Click on the small box labeled as “…”, in the new window that opens, locate the usbloader-5573cs-322.bin (or E5573cs-921_usbloader if you have the Cs-931 model) file and select it[Image: How-to-Unlock-MTN-E5573Cs-322-Mifi-7.jpg]
  7. Click on Load and allow the procedure to complete.[Image: How-to-Unlock-MTN-E5573Cs-322-Mifi-8.jpg]
  8. Once the process is complete, you should see the progress bar at 100% (do not disconnect your device from the PC)[Image: How-to-Unlock-MTN-E5573Cs-322-Mifi-9.jpg]
  9. Now immediately launch the E5573cs_Update_21.318.99.03.00.exe file [Image: How-to-Unlock-MTN-E5573Cs-322-Mifi-10.jpg]
  10. In the window that opens, click Next and allow the update process to complete[Image: How-to-Unlock-MTN-E5573Cs-322-Mifi-11.jpg]
  11. Once successful, you should see the update successful message[Image: How-to-Unlock-MTN-E5573Cs-322-Mifi-12.jpg]
  12. Now immediately launch and also flash the Update_WEBUI_17.
  13. Once successful, launch and flash the E5573cs_Update_21.318.03.00.00
  14. At this point, the device should be unlocked and usable but without a valid IMEI and SN number[Image: How-to-Unlock-MTN-E5573Cs-322-Mifi-13.jpg]
  1. To fix the IMEI and SN number, see
  2. Now the device is unlocked and with IMEI and SN number intact

Important Notice

  • If your model has a high firmware version (e.g 21.326.xx, 21.327.xx, 21.328.xx, etc), this guide will not work for you. You can try flashing unlocked firmware for your model
  • Unlocking doesn’t automatically mean that all SIMs will work on the MiFi. The SIM’s band needs to match that supported by the MiFi.
  • This guide can also be used to unlock certain Huawei E5573Cs models (e.g e5573cs-322, e5573cs-609, e5573cs-931) by MTN, Airtel, Spectranet, n-Tel, Idea e.t.c
  • Do not disconnect the device from the PC until you’ve flashed the last update file so as not to encounter driver issues.
  • If you wish to unlock the MTN MiFi device E5573s-320, then see
  • The WEB-ui included has the idea 4G interface but it has an extra feature which the default interface doesn’t (USSD feature i.e you can dial USSD codes directly from the device)
  • If you wish to use the default Huawei interface, then you can download @…
  • If you used the Idea 4G dashboard and you encounter an error while trying to install, simply use the default huawei dashboard provided in the link above
  • If after following the entire procedure and your device seems bricked (i.e blinking the two green lights) , then simply install the E5573cs_Update_21.318.03.00.00 firmware again then restart your device. The device should now work properly.
  • The default WiFi password after unlock is 12345678 . If this doesn’t work then power on the MiFi and connect to PC via USB. This will enable you access dashboard where you can reset WiFi key
  • After flashing usbloader successfully, the reset button on the mifi will no longer work

Unlock and enjoy

Thanks to X3non