Stock ROM for Hitech Mobile and Tablets

On this page you can download Stock ROM for your Hitech Mobile and Tablets. You can use firmware to flash or reinstall Android OS on Your Hitech Gadgets. All Model Flash file is listed under table.

Air A9 4GDownload
Air 8 v03Download
Amaze S5Download
Amaze S430Download
Amaze S430 PlusDownload
Amaze S411Download
Amaze S406Download
Amaze S405Download
Amaze S3Download
Amaze S2Download
Amaze S1Download
Air A5Download
Air A4 20150120Download
Air A4 20150205Download
Air A2Download
Air A6Download
Air A3Download
Amaze S800Download
Amaze S550Download
Amaze S500Download
Amaze S450Download
Amaze S410Download
Amaze S405Download
Amaze S400Download
Amaze S330 20130801Download
Amaze S330 20130108Download
Amaze S315Download
Amaze S306Download
Amaze S305 V06Download
Amaze S305 V06 0914Download
Amaze S305 V06 After ServiceDownload
Amaze S300iDownload
Amaze S300i PlusDownload
Amaze S250 CH SOFTWAREDownload
Amaze S250 HX SOFTWAREDownload
Amaze S250 2.1 HitechDownload
Amaze S230Download
Amaze S210Download
Amaze S200 V02Download
Amaze S200 V03Download
Amaze S200 V05Download
Amaze S200 V12Download
Amaze S200 3GDownload
Amaze S100Download
Amaze Tab V500Download
Amaze Tab 3Download
Air A1 JellyBeanDownload
Air A1 KKDownload
Blaze TabDownload

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