If you’ve searched anything about Samsung Android devices on the web, you’ve probably seen and read about “rooting” RIGHT?. There was a time when many of the Android phones available didn’t live up to their expectations, and root was the only answer.

Horrible software was the norm, applications that you would never use ran amok and wasted your valuable data and battery life, and the experience was bad all around.Hum too bad!

Because every Android phone is running the Linux kernel and middleware very similar to a Linux distribution you would install on a computer under the hood, rooting them was the way to allow us to try and fix them our own way. Rooting is how you get complete access to everything in the operating system, and those permissions allow you to change it all. Modern Samsung Androids are quite a bit better than they used to be.

Even the most inexpensive phone or tablet you can buy in recent year will do more and perform better than the best Android phone available just a few years ago. But many of us still want to root our phones and are looking for more information.

below you can download Samsung Root File. These files can be used to root your Samsung android phones.

By Flashing with the Root file using Odin Flash tool, it will root the phone.

How to Use Odin 2019

***Rooting Voids Warranty.

Make sure to check Binary of the device, Same Binary works. However, if you flash with higher or lower binary, then root will not be successful.

MODELS Root File Link
 SM-A500FU Binary 1 Download
SM-A700F Binary 2 Download
SM-A800F Binary 1 Download
SM-G532F Binary 1 Download
SM-A500F Binary 1 Download
SM-A700FD Binary 1 Download
SM-J320M Binary 0 Download
SM-C710F Binary 2 Download
SM-A910F Binary 1 Download
SM-C5000 Binary 1 Download
SM-J727P Binary 6 Download
SM-J810Y Binary 4 Download
SM-C7000ZH Binary 3 Download
SM-A605FN Binary 4 Download
SM-A605F Binary 4 Download
SM-J260M Binary 6 Download
SM-J260Y Binary 1 Download
SM-A260G Binary 2 Download
SM-J400F Binary 3 Download
SM-A260F Binary 3 Download
SM-J400F Binary 4 Download
SM-A705FN Binary 3 Download
SM-J710GN Binary 4 Download
SM-J710GN Binary 4 Download
SM-G610F Binary 1 Download
SM-M105F Binary 1 Download
SM-A805F Binary 1 Download
SM-A310F Binary 5 Download
SM-J710FN Binary 1 Download
SM-A710F Binary 2 Download
SM-J530GM Binary 6 Download
SM-J330T Binary 3 Download
SM-M105G Binary 1 Download
SM-A720F Binary 8 Download
SM-A320YD Binary 4 Download
SM-A520F Binary 9 Download
SM-J701MT Binary 7 Download
SM-A600FN Binary 4 Download
SM-A600F Binary 4 Download
SM-A600G Binary 5 Download
SM-J330G Binary 3 Download
SM-M205F Binary 1 Download
SM-J730GM Binary 7 Download
SM-A920F Binary 1 Download
SM-M305F Binary 1 Download
SM-M205FN Binary 1 Download
SM-A810F Binary 2 Download
SM-G920F Binary 6 Download
SM-A750GN Binary 3 Download
SM-A505YN Binary 2 Download
SM-A505GT Binary 3 Download
SM-A105FDD Binary 1 Download
SM-A105FN Binary 2 Download
SM-A530F Binary 7 Download
SM-A730F Binary 6 Download
SM-A105G Binary 2 Download
SM-A202F Binary 2 Download
SM-A205FN Binary 2 Download
SM-A305FN Binary 2 Download
SM-A305GN Binary 2 Download
SM-A305GT Binary 2 Download
SM-G960F Binary 6 Download
SM-N950F Binary 6 Download
SM-G965F Binary 6 Download
SM-A205F Binary 2 Download
SM-G930F Binary 5 Download