Eurostar Mobile Firmware

Here, you can download Stock ROM for your Eurostar Mobile and Tablets. You can use firmware to flash or reinstall Android OS on Your Eurostar Gadgets. All Model Flash file is listed under table. If you found any problem, you can post at our Forum and get real time response.

Eurostar Mobile:- Flash File List

ePad Genie ET7183G v13Download
ePad Gamer EG558 Y12Download
ePad Femme (16 GB)Download
ePad Colors ET7008CDownload
ePad 5s ET7007C V12Download
ePad 5 ET754 K13Download
ePad 4s ET7002C-H12(512 MB RAM)Download
ePad 4s ET7002C-H12(1 GB RAM)Download
ePad 4 ET7005C V12Download
ePad 4 ET7003C F12Download
ePad 3+ ET1002C D12(8 GB)Download
ePad 3+ ET1002C D12(16 GB)Download
ePad 3 ET1001C S12Download
ePad 2+ ET754 F12Download
ePad 2+ ET7004R F12Download
ePad 2 ET7006C P12(RESI)Download
ePad 2 ET7006C P12(CAP)Download