Download links of INFINIX DA files

Infinix DA files enables your Mediatek Flash Tool to read and write to the device. In a case where the default DA can’t, you’ll encounter constant errors or the phone just powering up when you connect. Da files are useful for flashing and unlocking or FRP reset of secure boot enableb devices.

Depending on the tool you’re using, you manually load the custom DA ( MTK_AllInOne_DA_SP.bin or DA_SWSEC.bin ) .
Important Notice

Do not format devices with secure boot or flash using firmware upgrade

Some DA files are tool-specific (i.e will only work with a specific Mediatek tool) so try them on as many Mediatek Flash tools as you can

Download links of Infinix DA files

Infinix Note 5 X604

Infinix Hot 6 X606 /B /C /D

Infinix Smart 2 (X5515)

Infinix Hot 7 X624B

Infinix Smart 2 Pro (X5514D)

Infinix Smart 2 Pro {X626}

Infinix Smart 2 Pro (X625, X625B)

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