Download All Micromax Firmware(stock)1…4

Micromax Flash file is the basic requirement while re-installation of Firmware. However, if you are limited to Firmware or stock ROM you cannot install/flash the device. You need tool to flash the device.
Most of the time flashing fails, because you forget to install Driver. As, most important process to make communication between Micromax mobile, smartphones or tablet with the PC or Laptop.

1- How to Identify tool for any Micromax Phone (Rmm Method)

If you had flash file but still not clear about flash tool then this guide will you give you insight about the tools.


1- Switch off Phone and hold both Volume keys to connect.

2- Now Right Click on MY Computer and click on Manage then Open Device Manager or Search Device Manager in Start.

3- If it Display MTK device then it can be flashed using SP Flash Tool.

4- If it Display SPD device then it can be flashed using SPD tool.

5- If it Display Qualcomm device then it can be flashed using QPST tool.

2- How to Install Driver

If driver has not been installed then the connectivity between the phone & tool can’t be made.

To execute flashing driver must be installed.

We had provided .exe files for all type of phones which can be installed automatically.

To Download & install All Drivers: Download

3- How to flash Micromax phone

Majority of Micromax Gadgets are powered by –
1- MTK CPU :- SP Flash Tool
2- SPD CPU :- :- SPD Flash Tool
3- Qualcomm CPU: QPST Tool

MTK CPU can be flashed using SP Flash tool and you have to press both Volume key as boot key while connecting to PC.
SPD CPU are flashed using Upgrade Download tool and use volume down as boot key while connecting to PC.
Qualcomm based cpu can be flashed using QPST tool and phone has to be connected by holding both Volume keys.

Note: While Flashing Qualcomm phone, make sure to place firmware in Local Disk: C. 

Mobiles should be switched off during the process of flashing.
Just Download the Stock Firmware from the page below which act as a support site for free download for any Software related issue. It contain flash file, Flash tool & driver packages.

If XDA and GSM Forum does not have the file, then you can comment below. We will get the Micromax Original Flash file not listed for you.

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Micromax mobileFlash File
Micromax N11Download
Micromax X377Download
Micromax X811Download
Micromax N12 v07,v08, v09 & v10Download
Micromax Q437 GO v15Download
Micromax Q4002Download
Micromax Q4204Download
Micromax Q409aDownload
Micromax V407Download
Micromax V409Download
Micromax Q310Download
Micromax C2A PlusDownload
Micromax HS3Download
Micromax HS1Download
Micromax C1 v67,v57 & v50Download
Micromax Q409 v1.5.4 & v1.4.0Download
Micromax E4816 v2.3 & v1.8Download
Micromax E460 v19Download
Micromax Q4601 v7Download
Micromax Q402 Ultra v03Download
Micromax Q452 v15 & v16Download
Micromax HS2 v5 & v6Download
Micromax Q348 v14Download
Micromax Q440 v04Download
Micromax Q437 v04 & v05Download
Micromax Q349 Plus v20, v19 & v16Download
Micromax Q402 Plus v06Download
Micromax AQ4501 KPW77 & LMY470Download
Micromax E4815 v023 & v021Download
Micromax AQ4502 LMY470Download
Micromax Q4311 v14, v17, v18 & v19Download
Micromax P701 PlusDownload
Micromax Q4310 v2.0 & v3.0Download
Q427 plus s/w v6Download
Q427 plus s/w v8Download
Q463 v1.4.5Download
Q491 S/w v119 (QPST tool)Download
Q491 S/w v125 (QPST tool)Download
Q386 S/w v06 H/w v1 (SP tool)Download
Q300 v1 (SPD tool)Download
Q424 v1 (SP tool)Download
Q424 v2 (SP tool)Download
Q424 20052016 (SP tool)Download
Q424 16062016 (SP tool)Download
Q350 v08 (SP tool)Download
E485 Foreign v1.1.2 (SP tool)Download
Q323 S/w v16 (SPD tool)Download
Q323 v2 (SPD tool)Download
Q385 s/w v8.0.3 h/w v1.0 (SPD tool)Download
Q385 v2 (SPD tool)Download
Q385 v3 (SPD tool)Download
Q416 s/w v8.0.7 h/w v3.0Download
Q461 s/w v8.0.4 h/w v2.0Download
Q461 h/w v1.0Download
Q461 h/w v3.0Download
A064 S/w v8.0.3Download
A066 S/w v12Download
A067 S/w v18Download
A075 V1.1.4Download
A075 V1.1.5Download
A093 S/w v8.1.1Download
A096 v2Download
A24 V4_171114Download
A24 V1.2.7Download
A25 VT0355Download
A25 VT0370Download
A26 V2.0.5Download
A26 V2.0.9Download
A27 V8.0.QDownload
A30 R08 MMX DS NSL RTM 1227Download
A30 R09 MMX DS NSL 0613Download
A30 R10 MMX DS NSL 0912Download
A34 V1.0.9Download
A34 V1.1.1Download
A35 V8.0.VDownload
A36 V060Download
A76 LWDEB05 20130718 (microSD)Download
A76 LWDEB05 20130905 (microSD)Download
A79 S/w v5.0Download
A80 S/w v1909Download
A86 MMX12Download
A86 MMX14Download
A87 LQAEB28_20121212 (microSD)Download
A87 LQAEB28_20121220 (microSD)Download
A87 LQAEB28_20130327 (microSD)Download
A93 S/w v016 201401141350Download
A93 S/w v016 201402271536Download
A93 S/w v017 201506081130Download
A104 V8.1.0Download