Download Odin Tool for Samsung Devices – All Versions

All Samsung users know or heard of the Odin Tool, which is a computer-based program that is used to install ROM, Root, Update Samsung, and it has other uses on Samsung devices directly without need of intermediate devices or a box where the phone is connected is in the download mode, It is not recommended to use the Odin Tool only by experts because the least error may cost you the whole phone.

For those of you who own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, Odin allows you to install the official firmware and re-partition the phone if needed, flash kernels, flash Custom ROMs, Flash Stock recovery, or flash root packages…Odin Tool makes everything easy for you.

Odin tool works only on Windows PC, (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP) be careful when choosing the right firmware to flash, you only need to use firmware designed for the exact model of your Samsung device.

Download Odin Tool (Latest version – v3.13.1)

Samsung Odin v3.13.1 (Latest)Download
Samsung Odin v3.12.5Download
Samsung Odin v3.12.4Download
Samsung Odin v3.12.3Download
Samsung Odin v3.11.2Download
Samsung Odin v3.11.1Download
Samsung Odin v3.10.7Download
Samsung Odin v3.10.6Download
Samsung Odin v3.10.5Download
Samsung Odin v3.10.0Download
Samsung Odin v3.09Download
Samsung Odin v3.07Download
Samsung Odin v3.06Download
Samsung Odin v3.04Download
Samsung Odin v1.84Download
Samsung Odin v1.83Download


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